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We are Holanda Engenharia

Holanda Engenharia provides engineering consulting, monitoring and technology control services to the civil construction industry, specially on large scale and infrastructure projects such as power plants (UHE/AHE), small hydro (PCH), dams, wind farms, ports, tunnels, airports, roads and stages.

With over 25 years of national and international operations, Holanda Engenharia has established a solid history, diversified experiences and sustainable growth. With laboratories throughout Brazil and the world, allocated and customized for each type of client and job. We have acquired the required expertise to be able to deliver an assortment tests and trials efficiently in our central laboratory, strategically located strategically between the RJ-SP axis. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, guided by a perfectionist approach in our services, ensuring the quality required to turn each construction project always in a benchmark of success.

Holanda Engenharia

Our services

Quality and earnestness
With a team of specialists in concrete pathologies, Holanda Consulting offers a complete solution for your business.
Our diligent supervision services ensures that each customer will receive a work of high quality and durability.
Technological Control
Ensuring that all materials used meet the design requirements, application uniformity, sustainability with the best cost-benefit.

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Quality for your project

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

- Abgail Van Buren -

Our team

A team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, prepared and with ample experience in this market will always deliver consistent results and a reliable service.
“Holanda Engenharia, providing technological control services in concrete, geotechnical, asphalt, and their derivatives. Our mission is to identify and meet the needs of our customers always seeking to strike the right balance between quality, time and cost for the continuous improvement and the development of the projects of your company. ”

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Some of our best clients

I always say that if you can measure what you are talking about and can express it in numbers, you know something about the subject. But when you can not express it in numbers, your knowledge is poor and unsatisfactory.

Lord Kelvin

British mathematical physicist and engineer. 1824 – 1907

Our Services

With our extensive experience in the Concrete and Building Pathology industry, our services and tests will deliver the correct planning and the assurance that only the highest quality construction materials are used in your building site.
Vision. Strategic Planning. In-depth Work

Focusing on concrete pathologies, we offer the service required for analysis, identification and solution of problems.

We Offer
  • In-depth reports
  • Best strategy
  • Monitoring & problem solving
  • Meeting the design specifications


Activities that will deliver the quality and durability required in your building project.

We Offer
  • Process details
  • Periodic Reports
  • Work supervision
  • Quality of its processes ensured

Technological Control

Laboratories installed on site will attest the quality and technological control of all material used.

We Offer
  • Routine tests
  • Dosage studies
  • Production control
  • Quality control
Laboratory Tests

Located between RJ-SP, our laboratory provides important tests to ensure the quality of your project.

We Offer
  • Concrete and aggregates
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Characterization of Soils
  • Verification of the mechanical properties of Steel

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Our Work

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